Interior Renderings

One of my favorite parts in the Interior Design process is drawing the renderings. After working with the client and learning their style and what they gravitate to, I come up with a variety of options of materials, colors, and layouts for them to pick from.  The renderings really help the client understand their space. Together we narrow down the different options and I do a final rendering for them. The renderings have also helped the contractors see the space in perspective and they seem to like to refer to it along with their construction documents. Below is a rendering for a kitchen renovation that I am working on in Sanford, Maine.

Rendering (zoomed in)

  1. SARAH said:

    hi karen! beautiful work. what computer program do u use for these?

    • Thanks Sarah! I use Revit to build the space and create the outline perspective. Then I paint it in photoshop. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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