Joshua Tree Boulder House

I am drawn to houses and buildings that meld with nature. It first struck me as a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder when I would deliberately bike by this wonderful house in the foothills  to admire its splendor.  I was fascinated by the fact that the backside of the house was built into the boulders – a modern house that really worked with nature! I was impressed.  Five years later I found myself  in San Diego studying Interior Design.  Not only did I fall in love with architecture and design, I was also introduced to the wonders and beauty of the desert, an environment completely different for a girl from New England.

Today I have been thinking  alot about Boulder, my friends who live there, and the poor folks who are being affected by the fire. 
Serendipitously,  I came across the Joshua Tree Boulder House designed by Garett Carlson and thought it was a pertinent house to highlight since it brought back my found memories of living in Boulder and San Diego.  Plus the house is amazing!



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