My blue/grey skirt

The Skirt

I found this piece of material at my parents house a few months ago and was excited to make something out of it. I am really into this color right now, especially in combo with a red/orange accent. To achieve that accent I used a rust orange thread.  I also braided together some yarn to create a belt to add a bit more color.

Sunday was a beautiful fall day on Martha’s Vineyard so my fiance and I went for  a walk/photo shoot to capture my new skirt. I realize I enjoy making the garment so much more than being the model.


The Earrings

One evening I was with Derek in his shop… while he was working on something I decided to make something. I looked around in  his box of mechanical parts and found these stainless steel hose clamps and some orange transformer wrapping wire. This is what I came up with.

  1. Rachelle Taylor said:

    Love love love the new pieces! You look gorgeous by the way!

  2. becca said:

    Love them! Can I be you for Halloween again this year? Or everyday for that matter?!

    • Thank you Becca! That makes me laugh so hard! You can be me anytime:)

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