Nau’s Provocateurs

A few weeks ago (Nov. 4) I posted about Nau, an outdoor clothing and apparel company that I really like. Tonight I was on Cool Hunting‘s website and was happily surprised to see them post about a great project that Nau is working on called “Portraits of our Friends”…it makes me like the company even more!

“Identifying 12 people that truly represent the Nau spirit, the Portland-based brand created ten compelling profiles of subjects spanning writers to butchers. As part of their ongoing project called “Portraits of our Friends,” Nau’s Provocateurs live by codes in keeping with the Nau ethos and serving as a benchmark for the type of people for which they design their products.” {via Cool Hunting}

Below are some of the some of Nau’s Provocateurs:

Jeremy Pelley of Official Manufacturing Co. (OMFGCO) & Camas Davis, writer and founder of the Portland Meat Collective


Jane Beebe director of the gallery PDX Contemporary Art & Dee Williams founder of Portland Alternative Dwelling


Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, the team behind Truck Farm & Shannon Holt of Super Relax Concept

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  1. I’m going to Portland in two weeks and am bound and determined to find this company!! Thank you!!! Xoxoxoxox

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