A few years ago a friend of mine reminded me that sketching 10 minutes every day will keep your drawing skills in tune. Her advice was taken seriously and I began to tote my sketchbook with me everywhere I went. During that time I was traveling through South America and I sketched every day during that 6 month period.  I had so much fun keeping a sketchbook journal: sketching, drawing, pasting, adding…it was such a wonderful way to capture my trip, improve my drawing skills, and explore my creativity all at the same time.

Recently, I haven’t been as dedicated to sketching but I am ready to bring it back into my daily life. Below are some inspirational sketchbooks that remind me how much fun it is to explore your inner creativity with no rules and no guidelines!

Jenny Ambrose



Irina Vinnik



{via Creativeoverflow}


{via Creativeoverflow}


Anna Ruskova

{via Creativeoverflow}


Mattias Adolfsson

{via Design Instruct}



{via SOEY MIlk}

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