Sketches in Turkey

It has been awhile since I have posted…but I am back from my hiatus with lots of fun posts ahead. Our wedding was amazing…everything went better than we could have imagined. Both Derek and I are detailed oriented especially when it pertains to design so putting our heart and soul into the preparations was only natural for us.  Once all the pictures are gathered I will post elements from our wedding.

We just returned from a month long honeymoon traveling around Turkey! What an amazing country! Below are a few sketches I did along the way…I hadn’t sketched in a while so it was fun putting pen to paper again.

Turkey is abundant in fresh produce…orchards and gardens are everywhere you look. Pomegranate season was in full swing while we were there allowing for a daily dose of fresh pressed pomegranate juice.

The ruins at Ephesus were absolutely incredible! This is a drawing I did of the Temple of Hadrius.

In the hills near Ephesus is a town out of the past, called Sirince. The antique homes are nestled in the hillside and surrounded by orchards. A friend took us on a great horseback ride through the surrounding countryside…it was beautiful! I did this drawing drinking tea from a treehouse looking out over the town.

The sketch I did in the courtyard of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

  1. chime11 said:

    Great sketches and they remind me of a fabulous time travelling round Turkey a few years back. Thanks for bringing good memories back

  2. WOW, The sketches are great. I need to put Turkey on my Travel wish list. looking forward to seeing your Wedding Pics. thanks for sharing..Lauraetta,

  3. Karen, your sketches are beautiful! What a magical way of capturing a county. They are amazing! -Brooke

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