In April, I posted about the patio/landscaping design project Derek and I were working on at my parents’ summer house, where we were to be married in September. The idea was to create a garden retreat for grilling, outdoor fires, and a shaded area to relax in during the heat of the day. After the initial brainstorming, I designed some conceptual site plans to get an idea of the style and budget that would work for my family.  Vineyard Gardens laid down the blue stone patio, Derek built the fence and outdoor shower, and my parents and I planted all the gardens. This become the summer of clearing vines, moving rocks, planting gardens, and weeding….I loved it. The difference is incredible! We planted two trees set back a little from the patio which are going to take a few years to grow to maturity but once they do it will be a great source of shade and privacy. I have realized landscaping is an ongoing project and it takes a garden several years to really establish itself. It makes me excited to see how this garden evolves into that perfect retreat!


The vines in the background had overtaken the trees.


Derek and I cleared all the vines from around the trees. We planted a Stewartia Tree (close to the garden) and a Mimosa Tree on the other side of the patio to create shade, privacy, and a more intimate ambiance. The trees are in their infant stage now but should grow to about 20′ at maturity.


AFTER [the fence and shower]

We built the fence to create a more intimate and private space for the patio. It also allowed for a nice location for the outdoor shower and a backdrop for the grill. We planted Thumbersia, Morning Glory, and Passion Flowers to climb the fence.

Derek built the fence and outdoor shower.

We moved the outdoor shower from the right side of the house for good circulation between the patio and the screened in porch.

The garden next to the garage.

The hole from the dry well for the new shower was full of rocks. My dad built a stone wall  in front of the house using those rocks.

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