Cave Living


Turkey is still on my mind…what an incredible place to travel. One of the many things I love about travel is the exposure to landscapes that are completely foreign to me. The region of Cappadocia captures that sense of awe, mystery, and romance that every traveler dreams of. It is characterized by its unusual rock formations, cave dwellings, and is engulfed in a rich history dating back before Christ.  Being an Interior Designer and an artist I love to see places, homes, designs out of the ordinary…it really puts the imagination to work. Cappadocia did exactly that! Since this area has been discovered by tourism some of the cave homes in town have been converted into hotels. Derek and I had the opportunity to stay in a couple of these super cool and unique cave pensions. It was such a fantastic experience!

The town of Goreme


Spelunca Cave Hotel – one of the places we stayed

At one time each of these rooms were individual homes that each family carved out by hand.

The niches, fireplace, and bathroom were all carved out of the rock itself. In the past if a family needed more room they would add a room or space by just carving out a new area.


{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

Village Cave House Hotel – another wonderful cave pension we stayed in.

It is a traditional family run cave pension with a delicious freshly prepared breakfast.

{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

Each room has a balcony.

The entrance to our room.

{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

I love the character of the rooms!

One of the best ways to explore the unusual landscape is by bike. Derek and I rented mountain bikes and spent the day riding the crazy terrain.

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