Our Wedding – my dress

One of the many things Derek has taught me is that you can learn to do or make anything. That “do it yourself and try it out attitude” that he has shown me (through example) has gotten me mountain biking on things I never would have imagined to making my own wedding dress.

I knew wedding dress shopping was not going to be my thing so I figured why not just make it myself. I have only been sewing for a couple of years but I didn’t question this undertaking at all. With advice from a seamstress friend, I decided to take some lessons during the process. I met Donna Pirraglia from  Blaine’s Sewing Machine Center who became my angel; taking lessons from her was an invaluable experience. I wanted a dress that had simple elegance and a length I was able to manipulate since I was going to be kayaking and biking in it. I am overwhelmingly happy with how it turned out. Just perfect!

Bear Cieri, a mountain biking and wedding photographer from Vermont, was our amazing photographer. I love his photojournalist style. He truly captured the feeling of our wedding!! I can’t stop looking through the pictures!


My friend, Judy Callaghan, made me this gorgeous clutch out of my mother’s wedding dress.

The ceremony was at Edgartown Lighthouse.

We kayaked away from the ceremony…

…and then biked to the reception

…through town

…down country roads

…the dress was perfect!

…to the pond

…through wooded trails

…then to the reception!!!

…and I could even dance effortlessly in it!


After I finished making my dress I had leftover material so I made a flower girl dress for my niece. {I posted it on May 10}

My super cute niece, Miyako, was the flower girl.

…to be continued

  1. beautiful, it looks like you had a great day, congratulations adn best wishes…….

  2. I love weddings. Yours looks beautiful! Before you know it, it will be 12 years and 3 kids later and life will be busy and awesome! Enjoy.

  3. Elena Donnelly said:

    I love this! You are so talented and I really wish I could’ve been there to see it in person. Your wedding looked truly amazing.

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