Our Wedding – the graphics

Yesterday we got the pictures back from our wedding photographer. They are incredible! It was so much fun looking through them and reminiscing about our amazing wedding weekend!

It was a jammed packed weekend starting on Thursday night with a bachelorette party thrown by my girlfriends; Friday morning we held a Wedding Day 5K run;  Friday afternoon we had the most incredible ceremony and reception I could have imagined; and Saturday night we held a “Thanks for Coming Lobsterbake” on the beach. Perfect weather, perfect weekend! Needless to say with all the time and effort it took to plan I could not be happier with how it turned out.

Since both Derek and I love designing, building, and making things it  inevitably carried over into our wedding preparations. I will begin with the graphic design work I did…


We designed, printed, and laminated each invitation.


We hand designed, printed, and laminated each invitation. Each guest had to cut open the invitation to find the RSVP and Lobsterbake invite inside. It ended up taking a lot more time than planned because our laminator broke…Derek ended up hand winding each invitation through! A little bit crazy I know but the end result is great!

We chose rock cairns to be the symbolic element throughout our wedding. Cairns are markers found along biking and hiking trails that show a route.  Since Derek and I are avid hikers and mountain    bikers we thought this was a perfect symbol to guide us on our new adventure…marriage.  Throughout the summer we collected rocks from the beaches around Martha’s Vineyard to create cairns of our own at the reception.


I designed information cards that went into the welcome bags that Derek’s mother lovingly put together for our guests.


Since we had a fully stocked bar we created a menu to give our guests ideas of what to order. Derek made ginger infused vodka for the Moscow Mules and strawberry infused vodka for the Strawberry Margarita welcome drink. Both were amazing!!

To be continued……


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