Our Wedding – the details

We had so much fun making the final touches….from signs to potted plants.

Derek and I made these signs out of the reclaimed wood from the old outdoor shower.

{photo taken by Pearle Johnson}

Rock cairns were the symbolic element at our wedding, guiding us on our new adventure. We found these rocks on remote beaches that we kayaked to this summer.

We collected white rocks throughout the summer to decorate the tables.

VINEYARD GARDENS, Inc, my cousins’ nursery and landscaping company, generously lent us 3 truck loads of plants to decorate our tent.

Four days before the wedding Derek and I went to the nursery to make the center pieces. We spent the morning potting a combination of herbs, deep purple Oxalis plants, and deep purple Violas. The plants made the space! The best recommendation from them was to borrow their Angel Trumpet tree, which was in full bloom and amazingly fragrant at night. It was the best addition to the space!! (image below)

The Oxalis plant on the table and Angel Trumpet plant in the background.

{photo taken by Rachelle Taylor}

To make the wedding even more complete, nature stepped in and gave us a full harvest moon!

{Pictures taken by Vermont Wedding photographer | Bear Cieri Photography}

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