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I like this old school 1980’s looking graphics and the text goes with my mood right now…. A is for Awesome heading out on a last minute, spontaneous trip to Colorado.

{Unfortunately, I don’t have the source for this, if anyone knows please let me know}

Incredible and such an inspiration! Last night I went to see  Shigeru Ban speak at the MFA in Boston. He is an unbelievable architect, humanitarian, and innovator with a humble demeanor, great wit, amazing ingenuity, awe-inspiring creativity, and absolutely wonderful creations. He had the audience laughing and in awe! A few years ago I was fortunate enough to see his Nomadic Museum in Santa Monica, CA. It is a traveling exhibition displaying the works of Gregory Colbert. I was completely blown away. The architecture and photographs fit seamlessly together…so peaceful and beautiful. Check out the link ashes and snow.

Japan Pavillion Expo2000

Hannover, Germany

Centre Pompidou Metz

{image via Pleat Farm Blog}

Paper House

Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi, Japan (1995)

Paper Dome Taiwan

Taiwan 2008

I have really taken a liking to sewing. I have a long way to go and alot to learn but I am having a ton of fun experimenting. This is my third garment I have sewed and some earrings that I made to match.

Recently I have been hooked on three songs by the band MATTAFIX: Big City Life, Freeman, and Things Have Changed. They have a great beat and go with this beautiful spring weather, which we took advantage of today.  We started our day off with an early morning mountain bike ride in Lynn Woods and spent the afternoon hiking in the Fellsway. Here are a couple of photos I took of Derek during our ride. And check out Mattafix’s music.