Tree Trunk Stool  or Side Table

This past spring, a maple tree had to be cut down in my parents backyard. We were able to salvage 4 pieces from the trunk and Derek turned them into stools/side tables for the patio. I love them!

“Where ever we roam you are my home” Globe

Both Derek and I love to travel.  For our wedding I made him a globe that is representative of where we have traveled together. The piece will constantly evolve based on our new destinations that we visit or live. The countries/states that we have experienced together are painted in green.  Hopefully one day our entire world will be painted in green!

Driftwood Sculpture

This summer we explored on our kayaks to some really cool and remote beaches around the island. We found amazing pieces of driftwood along the way. I was planning on making a few of these sculptures for the buffet table for our wedding but time caught up with me and I never got around to it until just a few weeks ago.

Furniture maker, Dave Wiley, and I collaborated on a custom-built closet and shelving area for a home on Martha’s Vineyard. A beach grass design was incorporated into the closet doors to  harmonize with the natural beauty of the Martha’s Vineyard beaches. The closet doors are made out of reclaimed wood flooring from an original portion of the home which was demoed for renovation. The end result is beautiful!

I recently came across a book about carver and sculptor Wharton Esherick , known for his mid-20th-century organically shaped furniture.  He was a pioneer for modern furniture. His work is beautiful and so inspiring!

music stand (side view)

music stand (front view)

step ladder

While searching for images I came across a gorgeous rocking chair designed/built by Arthur Espenet.

{images via google images}

Arktura an LA based firm, designs and manufactures these dynamic and sustainable tables, which are inspired by cellular and nebula patterns of the cosmos.  I absolutely love the juxtaposition between the strength of the bent steel and the delicateness of the lacework. And what a wonderful shadow they cast!

Hive Coffee Table – bent steel

Nebula Console Table


Factory 20 is the boutique of antiques. The simple rustic beauty of each image has a storybook quality that is enchanting and captivating. They have a great sense for furniture staging and photography.

I am so drawn to antique dress forms