Painter, jewelry designer, and an artist in every way, Leah Piepgras creates ethereal and provocative pieces of work in countless mediums. Her latest endeavor is “Consumption, a five-piece place setting used during the mental, physical, and spiritual act of consuming.”  Leah describes the dishes as “a map of the digestive tract from mouth to anus.  They are a reminder of the processes that are taking place within you while you are eating, promoting an exercise in mindfulness. ” These dishes are being produced in a limited addition by Pickard China in Illinois. They are currently available on her web site ( for pre-order.


the esophagus


the liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas


the  small intestine, colon

Inspired by the play between positive and negative space I am drawn to the works of artist Karen O’Leary and Yuri Fukuda (Emogayu Ceramics).  Although their material expression are very different their delicate work carries the similar thread of  intricate beauty. Just breathtaking!

Charlotte, NC-based artist Karen O’Leary transforms functional city maps into pieces of art through her steady hand and precise cuts. (Found on

Artist Yuri Fukuda lives in Brooklyn, NY (Found on