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Painter, jewelry designer, and an artist in every way, Leah Piepgras creates ethereal and provocative pieces of work in countless mediums. Her latest endeavor is “Consumption, a five-piece place setting used during the mental, physical, and spiritual act of consuming.”  Leah describes the dishes as “a map of the digestive tract from mouth to anus.  They are a reminder of the processes that are taking place within you while you are eating, promoting an exercise in mindfulness. ” These dishes are being produced in a limited addition by Pickard China in Illinois. They are currently available on her web site ( for pre-order.


the esophagus


the liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas


the  small intestine, colon

One of my favorite phases in the design process is creating the perspective renderings. This is not only helpful for the clients to visualize the space and materials but it is also very helpful for the designers and architects to see if the space works. During the rendering process I play with multiple design configurations. We come up with various solutions and then show the clients the best options. The past few weeks I have been doing renderings for WKArchitects, an architecture firm based in Boston. Below are two different options for the Lobby and Reception Areas of the space they are designing.

Reception Option 1

Reception Option 2

Lobby Option 1

Lobby Option 2

{To see more of my renderings click here}

{artwork on walls area by Gabriel Moreno and Ingrid Ellison}

This past weekend we went camping along the rustic coast of Maine. It was the perfect fall weather and the perfect weekend activity. Camping has got to be one of my favorite things to do. These images have that element of fall to me…capturing the crisp bite in the air and the desire to put on a heavy sweatshirt and wool hat. I  love the colors and textures, as well as the exchange of interior objects and exterior elements – couches outside and branches inside.


{via design traveller}

I am drawn to houses and buildings that meld with nature. It first struck me as a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder when I would deliberately bike by this wonderful house in the foothills  to admire its splendor.  I was fascinated by the fact that the backside of the house was built into the boulders – a modern house that really worked with nature! I was impressed.  Five years later I found myself  in San Diego studying Interior Design.  Not only did I fall in love with architecture and design, I was also introduced to the wonders and beauty of the desert, an environment completely different for a girl from New England.

Today I have been thinking  alot about Boulder, my friends who live there, and the poor folks who are being affected by the fire. 
Serendipitously,  I came across the Joshua Tree Boulder House designed by Garett Carlson and thought it was a pertinent house to highlight since it brought back my found memories of living in Boulder and San Diego.  Plus the house is amazing!