I forgot how much I loved The Killers video Mr. Brightside.

Everything from the song to the fabulous Moulin Rouge-esk theatrical cinematography. The next piece I create, be it a sketch, a piece of clothing, or a painting I am going to incorporate this wonderful mix of color and theatrics.


{image via here}


An awe-inspiring 3,000 square-meter “home” design by YTL Design Group and Jouin Manku.

This is a great photo showing the beautiful elements incorporated into this residence. The scale of the wooded fixture and rock slab island is breathtaking! Gorgeous!

This is the most gorgeous stairway I have ever seen! Amazing craftsmanship!

I like to be reminded that ceilings can be just as interesting as walls and floors.

{via Chicquero}

I love the Edison lightbulb. It is beautiful and adds a wonderful ambiance to a room, (unfortunately it is not very energy efficient).  Recently, I have specified some fixtures with the Edison bulb from the company Schoolhouse Electric. They have great products and very affordable!

The trend for the raw lightbulb has been going on for a little while but I really enjoy seeing how designers are pushing that style and coming up with some really creative fixtures. Below are some that I though were quite interesting.

Handblown sculpture lamps by Dylan Kehde Roelofs

Oil lamp by Sergio Silva

Holon lamp by Holger Volk (acme design)

Woonderlux LED lamp by Ingo Maurer

X-ray bulb lampby Wonsuk Cho

Ingo Maurer’s The Bulb table lamp

{images courtesy of design traveller}