Monthly Archives: May 2012

The series I am currently working on is an observation of my life’s direction and lifestyle choices. My artwork challenges me to slow down in both a physical and conceptual manner which counters my otherwise whimsical and unrestricted personality.  I gravitate to the use of nature as my primary medium and relish in the process of finding my “canvas” and allowing it to inform the final concept. My process of creating these eggshell mosaics is very meditative. Interacting with the chickens and noting the subtle differences in the shape, color, and size of their individual eggs further connects me to my medium. With only a loose sketch to define the pattern, I become hyper-focused on fractions of an inch, and create this free form puzzle.“Wallpaper” and “Away we go” are micro and macroscopic self-reflections  which directly correlate to the near and far field read of each piece.

                      Away we go  [eggshells / found wood / steel frame 28 1/2 x 28]

With so many opportunities and choices in life, it is very difficult to pick a path and stick to it. After enjoying years of capricious travel and re-locations, my perspective has been shifted and I’m now ready to leave my nomadic ways behind.  I’m approaching this epiphany cautiously, though, and am finding a connection to barnacles who root down solidly, but at times to movable objects that are at the whim of the sea. I find life to be similar in that try as you may to actively control your path, you too can find yourself guided by the ebb and flow of the tides.

               [My husband, Derek Logan, builds and welds the steel frames for my pieces!]

                                                         [detail of Away we go]

                    WALLPAPER [eggshells / found wood / steel frame 10 x 37]

“Wallpaper” is a dialogue between the artist and interior designer within me. My passion to use natural and re-purposed materials speaks to the renewed interest in returning to the land and how it has influenced the current design trends. The texture of the placed eggshells evoke a similar soulfulness to that of peeling paint and it’s link to the history of a place. Playing off the idea of “weather” chipping away paint, the eggshell pattern reveals a natural motif reminiscent of vintage wallpaper. The combination of these elements conjure up feelings of nostalgia from childhood memories and are the material language of contemporary lifestyle choices.

                               [Steel frame built by Derek Logan]

                                                       [detail of Wallpaper]

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