My Renderings

One of my favorite phases in the design process is creating the perspective renderings. This is not only helpful for the clients to visualize the space and materials but it is also very helpful for the designers and architects to see if the space works. During the rendering process I play with multiple design configurations. We come up with various solutions and then show the clients the best options. The past few weeks I have been doing renderings for WKArchitects, an architecture firm based in Boston. Below are two different options for the Lobby and Reception Areas of the space they are designing.

Reception Option 1

Reception Option 2

Lobby Option 1

Lobby Option 2

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{artwork on walls area by Gabriel Moreno and Ingrid Ellison}

One of my favorite parts in the Interior Design process is drawing the renderings. After working with the client and learning their style and what they gravitate to, I come up with a variety of options of materials, colors, and layouts for them to pick from.  The renderings really help the client understand their space. Together we narrow down the different options and I do a final rendering for them. The renderings have also helped the contractors see the space in perspective and they seem to like to refer to it along with their construction documents. Below is a rendering for a kitchen renovation that I am working on in Sanford, Maine.

Rendering (zoomed in)

I just finished a kitchen renovation on Martha’s Vineyard. When I design for a client I do multiple rendering options so they can get a clear understanding of the different material choices, colors, layouts, and styles  (I even include drawings of the clients working in the space).  After working through all the designs I do a final finished rendering so they can see exactly what it will look like. Below are the renderings, the finished photographs and a picture of the original space.

Perspective 1

Perspective 2

Original kitchen

Rendering is one of my favorite parts of the design process. It is so much fun experimenting with different materials, designs, styles, and products. I create multiple renderings to help my clients visualize various solutions and guide them to their final design.  I just completed the final perspectives for the bathroom I am renovating on Martha’s Vineyard.

Perspective 1

{with a wall between the shower and sink}

{with full height glass in between the shower and sink}

Perspective 2