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Audrey Kawasaki‘s paintings are both beautiful and inspirational. I love her technique of painting on wood board and incorporating the wood’s texture and color into the painting itself.

On February 23, 2011 I posted pages from inspirational sketchbooks. I really love seeing raw drawings and the uninhibited imagination come out in sketchbooks. Audrey Kawasaki included her sketchbook pages  on her website. I  love  her method of working with the colored paper. Beautiful!

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This fall Derek and I are getting married in my parents backyard. The backyard is in need of a more intimate place to relax and cookout so we have decided to design and build a patio. Since the house already has a wonderful screened in porch for eating, the patio will become a garden retreat for grilling, outdoor fires, and a shaded area to relax in during the heat of the day. After the initial brainstorming, I designed some conceptual site plans to get an idea of the style and budget that would work for my family.  We have finally nailed down the design and hired Vineyard Gardens to build the blue stone patio.  Here are some inspirational images that I have found along the way.

I love the mix of materials used and the way the landscaping is completely integrated into the design.

This image doesn’t fit with the look we are going for but I really like the built in rock seating and color scheme.


Floor textures/materials

I love this pebble mosaic floor!

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Landscaped Havens

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Outdoor Showers

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(Most of these images I found on google images but unfortunately, I do not have all the sources documented…so if you know the source please feel free to let me know)