Monthly Archives: December 2011

My brother introduced me to the paintings of Nick Gentry, a UK-based artist. I love artwork that incorporates repurposed every day objects. It creates a deeper connection to the work, while allowing the audience to see the object from an entirely different perspective. Gentry does an excellent job of taking  the floppy disk, an obsolete media, and morphing it into a beautiful piece of art!

{images via  Nick Gentry’s Photostream}

I think we all have pieces of clothing that we never wear but keep around for some particular reason. This green jacket is case in point. I  never wore it;  it was way too big on me but for some reason it hung around. After 14 years of being idle, I dusted it off and decided to try my hand at transforming an existing piece. My first take at a “what was old IS new again” experiment.



The belt front was originally around the wrists.

The back of the belt was originally the collar.

I think it was a success! That green jacket is now back in the front of my closet.

Tree Trunk Stool  or Side Table

This past spring, a maple tree had to be cut down in my parents backyard. We were able to salvage 4 pieces from the trunk and Derek turned them into stools/side tables for the patio. I love them!

“Where ever we roam you are my home” Globe

Both Derek and I love to travel.  For our wedding I made him a globe that is representative of where we have traveled together. The piece will constantly evolve based on our new destinations that we visit or live. The countries/states that we have experienced together are painted in green.  Hopefully one day our entire world will be painted in green!

Driftwood Sculpture

This summer we explored on our kayaks to some really cool and remote beaches around the island. We found amazing pieces of driftwood along the way. I was planning on making a few of these sculptures for the buffet table for our wedding but time caught up with me and I never got around to it until just a few weeks ago.