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I really love the composition, colors, and energy of this drawing by Jill Gallenstein


A few posts ago (Lots of Pencils) I talked about the Museu de Arte Moderna in Sao Paulo. This was probably one of my favorite times in an art museum. Each installation was so different and inspiring, my brother and I just had a blast. Another artist there that amazed us was Cassio Vasconcellos, a photographer. He designed an installation containing multiple photo crops of one cityscape from various heights and distances. He hung them from the ceiling at their appropriate height/depth, had a chair at the vertex for the viewer to sit, and at that point all the photos merged into one cityscape. It was awesome! Check out the video on his website cassio under portfolios/uma vista.

{images courtesy of Flickr: paulo.fernandesPhotostream}

With the imminent arrival of spring I have started a series of eggshell mosaics based on the intricate beauty of nature. My mosaics are small, intimate pieces that require close observation to understand its detail and exquisiteness just like looking at the elaborate design of a flower. Using eggshells as my medium I have created another link between my work and nature. Below is the first one in the series that I finished this weekend.


{Eggshell Mosaic 6 1/4″ x 8″}

Factory 20 is the boutique of antiques. The simple rustic beauty of each image has a storybook quality that is enchanting and captivating. They have a great sense for furniture staging and photography.

I am so drawn to antique dress forms