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This past week Derek had to go to Austin, TX for work and I was lucky enough to join him. The city’s incredible energy reignited my creative fire and I absolutely loved every minute of it! To top it off his company was kind enough to put us up at the chic Hotel San Jose. I immediately felt at home amidst the harmonious blend of rustic gardens, natural materials, and urban modern decor.

I love the story behind the space as well. Liz Lambert, originally a New York trial lawyer turned hospitality designer, transformed this 1930s motor lodge into an urban bungalow-style hotel with a communal outdoor courtyard, lounge, and pool area. Located in downtown Austin it is the perfect oasis to retreat to at any time of day.  I loved walking out our bedroom door into an open garden, filled with native Texas plants, rustic pathways, and tucked away seating areas. I am more than ready to go back and stay there again!

(Unfortunately I forgot my camera and wasn’t able to document the space so I had to go to the trusty internet to find images. In doing so I learned the Hotel San Jose has Polaroid cameras for guests to use!!)


14_Jos-coffee-from-seedsandfruit3We ate breakfast every morning at the adjoining coffee shop, designed by Liz Lambert.

{images via Seeds and Fruit, Free People Blog, Remodelista, More Ways to Waste Time, and Claudia Bravo!}





I forgot how much I loved The Killers video Mr. Brightside.

Everything from the song to the fabulous Moulin Rouge-esk theatrical cinematography. The next piece I create, be it a sketch, a piece of clothing, or a painting I am going to incorporate this wonderful mix of color and theatrics.


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Happy New Year!

I love setting goals for the new year. It is a fun way to think big and to aspire to make yourself a better person, a better wife, a better artist…it also makes you think about what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year on a daily basis or through a gradual process. A couple of the art goals on my list this year are:  go to figure drawing class at least twice a month and sketch at least 10 minutes a day.

Ben Tour‘s figure drawings are an inspiration to me. I love his loose yet realistic style through the use of ink and watercolor. I’m excited to get drawing!

Have fun with your new years resolutions!

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Audrey Kawasaki‘s paintings are both beautiful and inspirational. I love her technique of painting on wood board and incorporating the wood’s texture and color into the painting itself.

On February 23, 2011 I posted pages from inspirational sketchbooks. I really love seeing raw drawings and the uninhibited imagination come out in sketchbooks. Audrey Kawasaki included her sketchbook pages  on her website. I  love  her method of working with the colored paper. Beautiful!

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At first glance Yulia Brodskaya artwork looks like a painting…but it is actually a process called quilling, which entails  strips of paper to be  rolled, shaped, and glued to the background. I had to go to her website to see how it actually was put together and am wowed by the patience, beauty, and amazing texture it creates. I would love to see this piece in person…I don’t think a photograph can truly capture its brilliance.

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Another piece by Yulia Brodskaya

A few years ago a friend of mine reminded me that sketching 10 minutes every day will keep your drawing skills in tune. Her advice was taken seriously and I began to tote my sketchbook with me everywhere I went. During that time I was traveling through South America and I sketched every day during that 6 month period.  I had so much fun keeping a sketchbook journal: sketching, drawing, pasting, adding…it was such a wonderful way to capture my trip, improve my drawing skills, and explore my creativity all at the same time.

Recently, I haven’t been as dedicated to sketching but I am ready to bring it back into my daily life. Below are some inspirational sketchbooks that remind me how much fun it is to explore your inner creativity with no rules and no guidelines!

Jenny Ambrose



Irina Vinnik



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Anna Ruskova

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Mattias Adolfsson

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I have been asked to design a hotel room for a fundraising project and it really activated my creative energy! Instantly, the The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto popped into my head. I stayed there two years ago and fell in love with the concept. The Gladstone Hotel is a historic Victorian/turned Art Hotel in Toronto. Each of the 37 rooms is designed by a local artist from various disciplines including visual artists, interior designers, architects and material-based artists. Each room has its own vision, concept, and personality creating a unique experience for each guest. Not only is it a hotel, it is community oriented gathering place, holding a diverse array of events from film screenings, art exhibitions, wedding parties, and fundraising events hosted by artists, community groups, business, and individuals.