Installation Art

At first glance I thought these were photographs of real leaves. I am astounded by the unconventional material, and the patience and skill of sculptor and installation artist Jenine Shereos. It’s hard to believe these beautiful and delicate leaves  are wrapped, stitched, and knotted together strands of human hair.

{via Colossal | An art and design blog}


While researching barnacles for my next painting I came across the wonderfully talented artist,  Lauren Kussro. Her work is so delicate and intricate yet embodies a delightful sense of playfulness.

This piece is made out of silkscreened paper and wood.


These panels are gorgeous! Made from Chinese mulberry… Lauren hand cut the pattern using an x-acto knife.

Check out Lauren Kussro‘s blog to see more of her amazing creations.




I love exploring in the woods. I am particularly fond of coming across those emerald-green, mossy mini micro environments that have so much life…it takes me into another world. Vaughn Bell has captured that feeling for me with his Village Green biosphere like installation. He has built house shaped terrariums with a hole in the flooring for the viewer  to poke their head through and be at eye level with the mossy world of wonder. He has even created some that allow two people to be in it at the same time.

I saw his exhibition two summers ago at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA and it is still very clear in my mind. After the exhibit I was ready to go home and build one so I could experience it on a daily basis.

{via Vaughn Bell }

Pei-San Ng’s piece, Passion,  is made up of approximately 2.500 match sticks, hand written text, and a total of 24 hours.  I am drawn to 3dimensional pieces that use multiples of one functional object, blurring the objects main function and bringing it into the realm of art and thought. Ng’s use of matches as the medium for this typographical piece is great.  I love that he uses a reclaimed art board as his canvas.

{via Follow the Colours}