One of the many projects I worked on this past summer was a bathroom renovation for  a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard. The project consisted of tearing down a couple of walls, adding a built-in fully tiled shower with seat and shelf, a custom designed and built double vanity by my fiance, and a total rework of the existing space. It was a great project to work on because it drastically improved the space both design-wise and for the users.

I begin every project by collecting inspirational images for the clients to look through and gauge their needs, wants, design style, comfort level, and budget. This gives me an initial understanding of my client. I then create various space plan options/floor plans to see how the space works best. Once the client approves of a plan I do multiple renderings from a couple of perspectives to show the space in 3-D with furniture, lighting, materials, and styles. This is a wonderful way for the client to really get a sense of their space and what it actually will look like in the end. Then the construction begins…

Below are  “before and after” images and the renderings.


Custom built cabinet by Derek Logan

I used the existing door and had it turned into a built-in pocket door to create more usable space.

The shower that was once a closet





(Different furniture/mirror were picked out in the end)




To be able to look up and see the sky, trees, and moon while showering…now that is a great thing!  Summer is here. Yesterday I had my first outdoor shower of the season. Nothing compares to it. It feels so luxurious yet it is such a simple pleasure, so peaceful,  refreshing, and invigorating. Here are some inspirational images from the simplest outdoor showers to spa like retreats. An outdoor shower is good in any environment!

{images via Frank Features, Kaleidoscope Blog, chasetaylorinc , Flickr}

One of the projects I am currently working on is  a bathroom renovation for a summer house on Martha’s Vineyard.  Initially, I search out various styles,  images, designs, art, articles, and colors  to see what my client responds to. Here are some beautiful bathrooms that I came across on my hunt. I am especially drawn to the works of Warren Heath (photographer) who shoots for Frank Features, a South African-based editorial content agency. (The first 3 images)

I especially love this one! Taking outdoor showers is the most refreshing feeling!

To see more of their work click here Frank Features ~ The homes we love to shoot

The following five images are from the site LivingEtc – Gallery – Gallery

(unknown source…has been in my stock library)