Monthly Archives: May 2011

Furniture maker, Dave Wiley, and I collaborated on a custom-built closet and shelving area for a home on Martha’s Vineyard. A beach grass design was incorporated into the closet doors to  harmonize with the natural beauty of the Martha’s Vineyard beaches. The closet doors are made out of reclaimed wood flooring from an original portion of the home which was demoed for renovation. The end result is beautiful!

I’m having a lot of fun preparing for my wedding this September. Of course being in the design field my ambitions are high and I want to make everything, including my wedding dress! Even though my sewing experience is very limited and I have only been sewing for a year, I knew somehow I would figure it out. Fortunately, I took the advice from a dear friend who suggested I find someone to guide me during the process. She introduced me to a wonderful instructor at Blaine’s Sewing Machine Center in Rhode Island who showed me the way. I had so much fun learning the intricacies of couture sewing that once I finished my dress I made a flower girl dress out of the left over material for my two year old niece. I have not photographed my dress yet but I will post it once I do.



inside detail

I recently came across a book about carver and sculptor Wharton Esherick , known for his mid-20th-century organically shaped furniture.  He was a pioneer for modern furniture. His work is beautiful and so inspiring!

music stand (side view)

music stand (front view)

step ladder

While searching for images I came across a gorgeous rocking chair designed/built by Arthur Espenet.

{images via google images}