Monthly Archives: May 2010

To be able to look up and see the sky, trees, and moon while showering…now that is a great thing!  Summer is here. Yesterday I had my first outdoor shower of the season. Nothing compares to it. It feels so luxurious yet it is such a simple pleasure, so peaceful,  refreshing, and invigorating. Here are some inspirational images from the simplest outdoor showers to spa like retreats. An outdoor shower is good in any environment!

{images via Frank Features, Kaleidoscope Blog, chasetaylorinc , Flickr}


For all my mommy friends out there here is the perfect crayon for your little toddler….Edible crayons that are healthy! Luxirare has developed crayons made from fruit, nuts, chocolate covered sesame seeds, and a marshmallow core. Wow! I love the colors in these photos too.


Graffiti Artist, Banksy, is almost as famous for his skill at anonymity as he is for his controversial art. He combines his unique stenciling technique with graffiti writing. He  has succeeded in tagging walls from Post Katrina New Orleans to the Palestinian segregation wall in the West Bank. This year at the  Sundance Film Festival,  Exit Through the Gift Shop, a feature about Banksy was debuted.

{via Banksy}

Arktura an LA based firm, designs and manufactures these dynamic and sustainable tables, which are inspired by cellular and nebula patterns of the cosmos.  I absolutely love the juxtaposition between the strength of the bent steel and the delicateness of the lacework. And what a wonderful shadow they cast!

Hive Coffee Table – bent steel

Nebula Console Table