Monthly Archives: August 2010

Nature is one of my biggest sources of inspirations. I just love collecting little treasures from the outside world. I have many nature shelves throughout my loft which makes me feel connected to the natural world while living in the city. Today I would love to be hiking in the mountains or taking a walk on the beach but it’s raining outside and I have to work, so instead I will post some beautiful photos of nature and some cool handmade driftwood  rafts. These little rafts remind me of the stick races we like to have in streams while hiking and camping.

{via pia jane bijkerk}

Shinichi Maruyama‘s  photographs capture the moment black ink and water collide in mid-air before they blend to grey. Using high tech strobe lights to make exposures in one 7500th of a second he is able to turn this fantastic chaos into mesmerizing masterpieces.

{via Design for today Magazine}

I love these recylced and artistic heels by Liza Fredrika Åslund.  She was one of the fifteen winners for the  What’s More Alive Than You competition, a unique fashion cooperative that realizes artwork to become a wearable item.  The heel is composed of pieces of wood used for the construction of chairs and tables.

{via Mocoloco}

At the beginning of the summer I wrote about my love for outdoor showers and posted some cool examples. Well this weekend I saw the most beautiful outdoor shower!

On the weekends during the summer I work for a catering company on Martha’s Vineyard.  The event this past weekend was truly amazing; an incredible house, amazing location, gorgeous sunset, and delicious food. I had to share the image of their perfect outdoor shower that integrated seamlessly with the existing landscape;  it was hidden behind a large rock with flooring that resembled the wood plank walkways to the beach.