It has been a very exciting year full of change. I became a mother and a Texan all in the span of a 3 week period. Two very big adjustments to encounter at the same time but both have been extremely fulfilling. Throughout the move, raising my daughter, being a wife, and exploring Austin I have continued to work as a freelance designer. Working from home with a baby has been a perfect way to keep my creativity flowing and be with my daughter all day.

One of my clients is Vineyard Gardens of Martha’s Vineyard. They hired me to do their entire advertising package for the year. Their vision was to take more of artistic approach in their advertising. Fortunately for me that meant combining my art background within the graphic design realm. One of the ways I did that was incorporating watercolor/sketches of their “plant of the week” specials. For variety, I created two different layouts to use as a base design.

Below are some of my favorites from the year.

 7_April 25th

1_March 21st

8_April 11th_Greening Martha

10_May 2nd_8mod

15_May 16th_8modChorus Booklet


17_May 23rd_8mod





30_July24_55Plus_6mod 31_July24th_4mod



40_Oct10_4mod 42_Oct24_6mod 43_Nov28_6mod 44_Dec5_6mod 45_Dec12_6mod

I have been working on advertisements for Vineyard Gardens of Martha’s Vineyard. Their vision was to take more of artistic approach in their advertising. Fortunately for me that meant combining my art background within the graphic design realm by incorporating watercolor/sketches. Below are a couple of drawings that I just completed that will be integrated into some of their ads.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

orange pansies pansies


This past week Derek had to go to Austin, TX for work and I was lucky enough to join him. The city’s incredible energy reignited my creative fire and I absolutely loved every minute of it! To top it off his company was kind enough to put us up at the chic Hotel San Jose. I immediately felt at home amidst the harmonious blend of rustic gardens, natural materials, and urban modern decor.

I love the story behind the space as well. Liz Lambert, originally a New York trial lawyer turned hospitality designer, transformed this 1930s motor lodge into an urban bungalow-style hotel with a communal outdoor courtyard, lounge, and pool area. Located in downtown Austin it is the perfect oasis to retreat to at any time of day.  I loved walking out our bedroom door into an open garden, filled with native Texas plants, rustic pathways, and tucked away seating areas. I am more than ready to go back and stay there again!

(Unfortunately I forgot my camera and wasn’t able to document the space so I had to go to the trusty internet to find images. In doing so I learned the Hotel San Jose has Polaroid cameras for guests to use!!)


14_Jos-coffee-from-seedsandfruit3We ate breakfast every morning at the adjoining coffee shop, designed by Liz Lambert.

{images via Seeds and Fruit, Free People Blog, Remodelista, More Ways to Waste Time, and Claudia Bravo!}





This summer I am helping the nursery and landscaping company, Vineyard Gardens of Martha’s Vineyard, organize and run gallery nights.  Every Friday night this August they will showcase local artists and artisans in an outdoor gallery-style reception set against the breathtaking backdrop of their gorgeous garden center.

The “Call For Artist” posters I designed.

Detail of the drawing I did for the poster.




The series I am currently working on is an observation of my life’s direction and lifestyle choices. My artwork challenges me to slow down in both a physical and conceptual manner which counters my otherwise whimsical and unrestricted personality.  I gravitate to the use of nature as my primary medium and relish in the process of finding my “canvas” and allowing it to inform the final concept. My process of creating these eggshell mosaics is very meditative. Interacting with the chickens and noting the subtle differences in the shape, color, and size of their individual eggs further connects me to my medium. With only a loose sketch to define the pattern, I become hyper-focused on fractions of an inch, and create this free form puzzle.“Wallpaper” and “Away we go” are micro and macroscopic self-reflections  which directly correlate to the near and far field read of each piece.

                      Away we go  [eggshells / found wood / steel frame 28 1/2 x 28]

With so many opportunities and choices in life, it is very difficult to pick a path and stick to it. After enjoying years of capricious travel and re-locations, my perspective has been shifted and I’m now ready to leave my nomadic ways behind.  I’m approaching this epiphany cautiously, though, and am finding a connection to barnacles who root down solidly, but at times to movable objects that are at the whim of the sea. I find life to be similar in that try as you may to actively control your path, you too can find yourself guided by the ebb and flow of the tides.

               [My husband, Derek Logan, builds and welds the steel frames for my pieces!]

                                                         [detail of Away we go]

                    WALLPAPER [eggshells / found wood / steel frame 10 x 37]

“Wallpaper” is a dialogue between the artist and interior designer within me. My passion to use natural and re-purposed materials speaks to the renewed interest in returning to the land and how it has influenced the current design trends. The texture of the placed eggshells evoke a similar soulfulness to that of peeling paint and it’s link to the history of a place. Playing off the idea of “weather” chipping away paint, the eggshell pattern reveals a natural motif reminiscent of vintage wallpaper. The combination of these elements conjure up feelings of nostalgia from childhood memories and are the material language of contemporary lifestyle choices.

                               [Steel frame built by Derek Logan]

                                                       [detail of Wallpaper]

Please visit my website Karen Blackerby to see more of my work. Thanks for stopping by!

Sometimes I come across designs that are so inspirational to me that I literally jump for joy…my mind races and instantly I have a desire to create. Today that occurred when I happened upon the work of Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse.

The first thing that caught my eye was the title of her series, Biomimicry. I fell in love with the teachings of biomimicry at design school. My junior and senior projects were based on those principles. I designed the building and interiors for a Biomimicry Guild in Montana my junior year and  a floating school in Vietnam my senior year, both incorporating biomimicry elements within the buildings’ exterior and interior design.

In turn, I immediately opened Stephanie’s website and voila…stunning, incredibly beautiful, and innovative pieces! Scroll below and see for yourself!

{via MoCo Loco}

I absolutely love seeing the process of this series…from the drawings to the final product!! Each step is so beautiful.

(images via Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse}

Tree Trunk Stool  or Side Table

This past spring, a maple tree had to be cut down in my parents backyard. We were able to salvage 4 pieces from the trunk and Derek turned them into stools/side tables for the patio. I love them!

“Where ever we roam you are my home” Globe

Both Derek and I love to travel.  For our wedding I made him a globe that is representative of where we have traveled together. The piece will constantly evolve based on our new destinations that we visit or live. The countries/states that we have experienced together are painted in green.  Hopefully one day our entire world will be painted in green!

Driftwood Sculpture

This summer we explored on our kayaks to some really cool and remote beaches around the island. We found amazing pieces of driftwood along the way. I was planning on making a few of these sculptures for the buffet table for our wedding but time caught up with me and I never got around to it until just a few weeks ago.

We had so much fun making the final touches….from signs to potted plants.

Derek and I made these signs out of the reclaimed wood from the old outdoor shower.

{photo taken by Pearle Johnson}

Rock cairns were the symbolic element at our wedding, guiding us on our new adventure. We found these rocks on remote beaches that we kayaked to this summer.

We collected white rocks throughout the summer to decorate the tables.

VINEYARD GARDENS, Inc, my cousins’ nursery and landscaping company, generously lent us 3 truck loads of plants to decorate our tent.

Four days before the wedding Derek and I went to the nursery to make the center pieces. We spent the morning potting a combination of herbs, deep purple Oxalis plants, and deep purple Violas. The plants made the space! The best recommendation from them was to borrow their Angel Trumpet tree, which was in full bloom and amazingly fragrant at night. It was the best addition to the space!! (image below)

The Oxalis plant on the table and Angel Trumpet plant in the background.

{photo taken by Rachelle Taylor}

To make the wedding even more complete, nature stepped in and gave us a full harvest moon!

{Pictures taken by Vermont Wedding photographer | Bear Cieri Photography}


Turkey is still on my mind…what an incredible place to travel. One of the many things I love about travel is the exposure to landscapes that are completely foreign to me. The region of Cappadocia captures that sense of awe, mystery, and romance that every traveler dreams of. It is characterized by its unusual rock formations, cave dwellings, and is engulfed in a rich history dating back before Christ.  Being an Interior Designer and an artist I love to see places, homes, designs out of the ordinary…it really puts the imagination to work. Cappadocia did exactly that! Since this area has been discovered by tourism some of the cave homes in town have been converted into hotels. Derek and I had the opportunity to stay in a couple of these super cool and unique cave pensions. It was such a fantastic experience!

The town of Goreme


Spelunca Cave Hotel – one of the places we stayed

At one time each of these rooms were individual homes that each family carved out by hand.

The niches, fireplace, and bathroom were all carved out of the rock itself. In the past if a family needed more room they would add a room or space by just carving out a new area.


{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

Village Cave House Hotel – another wonderful cave pension we stayed in.

It is a traditional family run cave pension with a delicious freshly prepared breakfast.

{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

Each room has a balcony.

The entrance to our room.

{image via Escapio – Unique Hotels}

I love the character of the rooms!

One of the best ways to explore the unusual landscape is by bike. Derek and I rented mountain bikes and spent the day riding the crazy terrain.