I forgot how much I loved The Killers video Mr. Brightside.

Everything from the song to the fabulous Moulin Rouge-esk theatrical cinematography. The next piece I create, be it a sketch, a piece of clothing, or a painting I am going to incorporate this wonderful mix of color and theatrics.


{image via here}


I came across the song “Flying Overseas” by Theophilus London…it’s a great beat that you want to hear over and over. Watching the video and listening to the song puts me in the mood to travel and explore!  Check it out- click HERE.

And some art to go with it…

Photographer, Tim Lisko‘s  abstract photographs are the incredible result of leaving his shutter open while on a high-speed bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.

{via The Best Part – A Daily Art and Design Blog}

Recently I have been hooked on three songs by the band MATTAFIX: Big City Life, Freeman, and Things Have Changed. They have a great beat and go with this beautiful spring weather, which we took advantage of today.  We started our day off with an early morning mountain bike ride in Lynn Woods and spent the afternoon hiking in the Fellsway. Here are a couple of photos I took of Derek during our ride. And check out Mattafix’s music.