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One of the projects I am currently working on is  a bathroom renovation for a summer house on Martha’s Vineyard.  Initially, I search out various styles,  images, designs, art, articles, and colors  to see what my client responds to. Here are some beautiful bathrooms that I came across on my hunt. I am especially drawn to the works of Warren Heath (photographer) who shoots for Frank Features, a South African-based editorial content agency. (The first 3 images)

I especially love this one! Taking outdoor showers is the most refreshing feeling!

To see more of their work click here Frank Features ~ The homes we love to shoot

The following five images are from the site LivingEtc – Gallery – Gallery

(unknown source…has been in my stock library)

It is wonderful to be inspired by friends. Maha Comianos is one of those friends.  She is fashionable and artistic in every way. Her ability to capture detail and mood organically inspires a feeling of serenity and splendid beauty. I am always excited to see her latest series of photographs posted on studio MAHA | Facebook

Maha states “my photography is impacted by my background of visual arts and design. Appreciating the big picture but finding the beauty in the details. Understanding surroundings and then capturing abstracted pieces, which are a mixture of texture – light – and color.”


To see more of Maha’s work go to or  studio MAHA | Facebook

My latest painting is based on an ongoing internal conflict of interest. I am somewhat of a nomad…I have lived out of my backpack for months at a time, have lived all over the US, moved more times than I can count… yet right now I have lived in the same apartment for exactly 2 years, a record for me.  I could easily fall into the wanderlust lifestyle again yet I love the idea of owning a home, having a garden, having a family, and being a part of a community…those two lifestyles are very contradictory. My restless side yearns for the freedom, adventure, inspiration, and daily craziness of travel while my biological side craves to set down roots. Every day I wake up with a new idea that speaks directly to one of those opposing sides….today the nomad in me wants to walk around the globe on the equatorial latitude…

Inspired by the play between positive and negative space I am drawn to the works of artist Karen O’Leary and Yuri Fukuda (Emogayu Ceramics).  Although their material expression are very different their delicate work carries the similar thread of  intricate beauty. Just breathtaking!

Charlotte, NC-based artist Karen O’Leary transforms functional city maps into pieces of art through her steady hand and precise cuts. (Found on

Artist Yuri Fukuda lives in Brooklyn, NY (Found on